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Who we are

Guy Briggs | Urban Strategy, Planning + Design (GB | USPD) is a new consultancy established in Cape Town at the end of 2010. Our approach combines research, teaching and practise; driven by a strong belief in the need for a socially responsive approach to architecture, urbanism and development.

What we do

Our focus is on urban regeneration, development strategy, and master planning.


50% of the global population now lives in cities. In Africa, the ratio is less than this (at around 35%), but the continent is urbanising rapidly: 23 of the 100 fastest growing cities in the world are in Africa.

Rapid urbanisation brings with it substantial challenges, such as: supply of shelter, water and energy; jobs, schools and healthcare; movement of people; cultural and demographic change; climate and climate change; political mobilisation and political representation; delivery, resourcing and financing – our role is to bind these together to create meaningful places to serve people and communities.


We work wherever there’s something interesting happening in the urban environment, at any and every scale, and on both sides of the fence – our clients are drawn from both public and private sectors.


Our approach is characterised by four key words:


The arrival at an urban development solution is a collaborative process – while we bring extensive creative and technical experience to the study, ours is a partnership approach, involving extensive information exchange and collaboration tools.


The urban system is similar to a natural ecosystem, in which its stable functioning depends on a balance between its constituent, and often contradictory, parts. Our work will integrate diverse opinions, agendas and discipline areas: bringing these together through an understanding of the socio-economic dynamics that define a ‘place’ and give it identity, backed up by research and tested through practice.


Our practice is rooted in Africa, operating principally out of Cape Town. Alongside our local roots, we bring widespread international experience: gained through working in Abu Dhabi, Athens, Basel (Switzerland), Belfast, Berlin, Bristol, Copenhagen, Derby, Dublin, Gloucester, London, Nicosia and Stockholm.


Any project must be as deliverable as it is visionary. Our experience gives us a sound understanding of the dynamics of urban regeneration, property development, community aspirations, political expediencies, planning and legal processes, human resource capacities, ecological processes and environmental imperatives.